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For anybody who is looking for a highly effective method of upping your Internet product sales, then mini-sites may be the answer. Mini-sites are one of the effective advertising tools over the internet. Not only are they effective, but they’re also very economical and easy to produce.

The concept is simple. Make a one or two-page website that completely is targeted on one certain topic. All within this web page should have 1 purpose — getting your visitors to take action.

This page should be neatly developed in standard HTML with no Flash or expensive plug-ins and incredibly few design. There should be no banners or perhaps outside backlinks of all kinds — nothing that will distract your visitors’ attention.

The sole purpose of a mini-site is to appeal to highly traffic. The more targeted the better. For example , when you have a website that sells several products, an excellent mini-site will certainly focus on you specific merchandise instead of all of the products. You are able to create a mini-site for each product you give.

Coming up with Your Mini-Site

Each mini-site you create should be optimized for the one certain product. Focus on just a few keyword phrases, as this will help to you to tighten up your directed at. Remember… the tighter the targeting the better.

* Name: Your ”Title” should consist of your most critical keywords. You’ve probably heard that before, although I’ve found a rather different method for optimizing the title. Since mini-sites focus on only one product, put the ”most” important ”keyword phrase” first. Not only for your most significant phrase, nevertheless the keyword phrase that you just think persons will use as soon as they do a search. Rather than capitalizing the first page, type this in lowercase, as most persons type in all lowercase characters when searching. This will assist you in ranking larger in the Search Engines to your targeted audience.

* Explanation: Your explanation should give attention to one certain product instead of generalize. Make sure you include your most critical keywords towards the beginning of your description. In addition , make sure your information describes your web blog in detail. You want your potential visitors to know exactly what you’re offering. Your explanation should be below 200 individuals.

2. Keywords: Pay attention to just a few keywords and key phrases.

2. Heading tags: Search Engines seriously consider the text viewed within the ”Heading” tags. Place your most important keyword phrase within a ”Heading” draw.

* Graphic Alt tags: Create a readable search phrase within your graphic ”Alt” tags.

2. Text: All of your text ought to focus on the product. There ought to be no filler text whatsoever. It should have one main specific goal — getting the visitor to take action. Make sure you include your keyword phrases throughout your text.

If you’d like to build your mini-site using dining tables, try to place your ”Heading” text above your ”Table” code. Whenever this isn’t possible, make sure you the keyword phrases inside your top left ”Table cell” to assist you in ranking higher in the Search Engines.

Mini-sites are not limited to just simply your goods. They can become used with virtually any affiliate programs you may well be promoting. You can extra incentives such as a totally free bonus for choosing the product and also your personal recommendation. This is a great way to presale the merchandise.

Hosting Your Mini-Site

Even though it is much better to acquire your very own domain name, these websites can be managed on a no cost server but still rank high in the major search engines. Keep in mind, free sites do not build trust and credibility. No matter what option you decide on, make sure you place your most significant keyword phrase (the keyword phrase that you just think persons will use the moment searching) inside your web address.

Drive Website visitors to Your Site

Once you have examined the effectiveness of your web site and have the best conversion level, (the number of visitors compared to the availablility of sales) you may buy targeted traffic. Overture is the primary pay-per-click Google search and will more than likely produce the very best results.

The key to using this strategy effectively is to bid on ”very” targeted keywords. This will disregard the casual visitors and only attract your target audience. There’s no good sense in paying for visitors who really were not interested in the first place.

Additionally to bidding on keywords, you can also advertise in targeted e-zines as well as purchase a lot of targeted banner advertising. End up being creative and take the time to test all of your special deals prior to spending a lot of money.

If you really want to increase your sales, create a lot of mini-sites. They are really one of the least expensive and simplest to create earnings generators via the internet.


If you already own a website and you simply can’t afford or avoid want a second one, make your own tiny site with your existing site. Design a single or two web page ’mini-site’ and presto if you’re in business.

Notable Quotable::

”Failure certainly is the opportunity to start again more intelligently. ” –Henry Ford


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