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bupropion is one of the most widely prescribed antidepressants, and the available evidence indicates that it is effective in clinical depression 16 as effective as several other widely prescribed drugs, including fluoxetine prozac and paroxetine paxil , 17 although trends favoring the efficacy of escitalopram lexapro , sertraline zoloft and venlafaxine effexor over bupropion have been observed.

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zoloft sertraline hydrochloride was the second ssri to come to market in the united states, and it was approved by the fda in december 30, 1991.

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she has specialized since 1990 in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications such as prozac, sarafem, zoloft, paxil, luvox, celexa, lexapro, effexor, serzone, remeron, anafranil, fen-phen, redux and meridia as well as the new atypical antipsychotics zyprexa, geodon, seroquel and abilify , as well as pain killers, and has testified before the fda and congressional subcommittee members on antidepressants.

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it was combined with zoloft, which i have been taking for years, because i was going through a rough time at work and not coping well on zoloft alone.

Recently, a widely published long-term study performed by the makers of zoloft comparing st.

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