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Cystone ajuta la dizolvarea si eliminarea calculilor urinari, fiind un antilitiazic si un antiseptic urinar natural ce poate combate infectiile urinare acute sau cronice, amelioreaza rapid simptomele, previne recidivele.

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cystone tablets amp; syrup benefits, uses, dosage amp; side cystone tablets amp; syrup is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used for kidney stones, which is manufactured by himalaya herbal healthcare the himalay himalaya cystone syrup uses, benefits , and working himalaya cystone syrup is used for the treatment, control, prevention, amp; improvement of the following diseases, conditions and symptoms kidney stones, appendicitis himalaya cystone syrup uses , side-effects tabletwise himalaya cystone syrup is used for kidney stones, appendicitis, enhances sexual desire, diuresis, sexual problems, renal afflictions and other conditions.

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in about 20 of the cases the cystone may have to be taken for another 3 months.

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we recruited ten recurrent kidney stone formers with documented calcium oxalate stones into a two phased study to assess safety and effectiveness of cystone , an herbal treatment for prevention of kidney stones.

Himalaya cystone the worlds 1 natural choice for kidney stones, uti and urinary system health.

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