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Amantadine should not be discontinued abruptly in patients with parkinson s disease since a few patients have experienced a parkinsonian crisis, i.

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the result of this study of amantadine 100 mg every morning and noon to reduce irritability was not positive from the observer perspective, although there are indications of improvement at day 60 from the perspective of persons with tbi and clinicians that may warrant further investigation.

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gocovri previously known as ads-5102 is a high-dose 274 mg amantadine equivalent to 340 mg amantadine hydrochloride hcl taken once daily at bedtime that delivers consistently high levels of amantadine from the morning and throughout the day when dyskinesia occurs.

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Especially in elderly patients, who are treated with amantadine in addition to other anti-parkinson s drugs to psychosis can develop.

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