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One who cooks an offering for lord krishna on a fire which has tulasi wood in it, will attain the same benefit as one who gives in charity a hill of grains as large as mount meru for each grain of such an offering to lord krishna.

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one who worships tulasi devi on the dwadasi 12 th day and chants this tulasi stava destroys all 32 kinds of sinful reactions.

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tulasi devi the importance of the sacred tree.

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without tulasi leaves, lord krishna does not like to accept flowers, food stuffs, sandalwood paste, in fact anything without tulasi leaves is not looked upon by lord krishna.

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19 explains the special position of the tulasi plant although there are numerous flowering plants full of transcendental fragrance in the spiritual realm, they are aware that tulasi is given special preference by the lord, who garlands himself with tulasi leaves.


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