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Patients who acutely ingest 80 mg kg should be treated with intravenous pyridoxine on a gram per gram basis equal to the dom-isoniazid dose.

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untreated or inadequately treated cases of gross isoniazid overdosage, 80 mg kg – 150 mg kg, can cause neurotoxicity6 and terminate fatally, but good response has been reported in most patients brought under adequate treatment within the first few hours after drug ingestion.

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palpitations, headache, conjunctival irritation, severe flushing, tachycardia, tachypnoea, and sweating have been reported in patients taking isoniazid after ingestion of cheese, red wine and some fish.

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notes from the field national shortage of isoniazid 300 notes from the field national shortage of isoniazid 300 mg tablets.

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