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In astanga hrdayam, brahmi ghrta is mentioned with herbs like vyosa, syama, trivit, danti, sankhapuspi, nrpadruma, saptala and krmihara for the treatment of insanity, leprosy and epilepsy, and to improve speech, voice, memory, intelligence and to bestow sons to barren women 6.

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to make brahmi-amla hair oil you will need .

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these free radicals affect everything from our skin to our cardiovascular system, so a regular dose of brahmi in a daily or weekly diet can help to maintain a high quality of life and a healthy metabolism.

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this is the reason why we have started preparing brahmi capsules and brahmi tablets from certified organic source with all quality assurance and responsibility.

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compared to echinacea, brahmi does a better job at promoting antibody production.

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